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Our app is focused

on convenience

To safeguard against any issues, we vet our drivers as a matter of course. But if you ever feel unsafe, use our SOS function to connect you to the emergency services immediately. We are sure you won’t have any problems though, and you can give us feedback so we keep improving with the driver rating and anonymous feedback functions, after your ride is complete.

Your input will help us ensure that every ride is a 5-star experience.

You don’t need to make any phone calls to get a ride. All you need to do to get a taxi is tap on the Airkab app on your smartphone whenever you want to ride, or you can schedule it in advance through the app too..That’s it; we’ll be at your service!

We provide significant coverage, 24/7 and 365 days a year, so rest assured you won’t be caught short. You choose your ride and set your location, then just sit tight and wait for your driver to arrive.

AIRKAB UK LTD has been developed with 2 main features in mind: Trust and Safety. You’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle details when you book, and you can track their location through our GPS service. Our in-app chat allows you to make any special requests, or just to greet your driver and build that trust straight away.

Your input will help us ensure that

every ride is a 5-star experience.

The service

Local, fast and reliable
Ability to pre-book
No more than a 10 minute wait on average
Standard, Business and Airport service available
Pay with Paypal, card or the AirKab App
Cheaper than other companies
Share ride cost feature available

The cars

Modern and Reliable
All our vehicles are serviced every 6,000 miles (twice as often as the manufacturers’ recommendation)
Air conditioned and Climate control
Safety and Security features
All drivers registered with local authority
Experienced drivers and regularly tested vehicles

Our partners

And clients