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At AIRKAB UK LTD we want all drivers to be successful and take pride in working for us. We make sure to take care of drivers who choose to work with us and provide the service in the best possible way whilst offering a number of benefits and advantages. Great rates, fair commission charges and unparalleled safety features.

We are always looking for new drivers. If you are interested, download the designated driver app here.

With AIRKAB UK LTD, it’s easy to become a partner driver. Once you’re registered and we’ve signed you up, just open the app to start receiving trip notifications. You’ll get information about your rider, and directions to their location as well as their final destination. Pick them up, complete the trip and then you’ll start receiving other nearby confirmations. And when you’re ready to finish for the day, just sign off any time you like!

Download the designed app just for AIRKAB UK LTD partner-Drivers

As with our riders, we take our drivers’ security and comfort very seriously. You’ll find that our driver app is equipped with the same SOS function that is available to our riders, for your peace of mind.

Sign up and enjoy access to AIRKAB UK LTD!




Get paid daily and funds transferred straight to your account


Provision of an SOS button for all drivers


Heat map available on all rides to track busy areas


Unlimited support, advice and guidance from AIRKAB



If you’d like to become an Airkab driver, we have a few minimum requirements that you must first meet.

You must be at least 21 years of age

You must have a valid UK driver’s licence – EU licenses must be converted to UK licenses before you can complete your register and start picking up riders

Your driver experience is dependent on the city in which you are based – details available at the time of registration


If you’ve already got a license, that’s great. You will need to provide a few other documents before you start with Airkab though. What documents?
Don’t have a car? That’s not a problem – we provide access to third party rental and finance options via our Vehicle Solutions programme. Why not drop us an email to find out more!

Get a licence with AIRKAB Ignition

To get yourself licensed, book a personalised Ignition info appointment in your city to get advice, support and learn more about private hire licensing requirements. All you need to do is sign up to get started.
Minimum Requirements for Your Vehicle

If you will be using your own vehicle to drive for AIRKAB UK LTD, please check that it first meets our requirements.

The vehicle you use to drive with AIRKAB UK LTD must be registered no earlier than 2005

Each city has its own specific vehicle requirements – please make sure you check these before registering

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